3 Painted Ponies, Equine Assisted Learning

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Equine Assisted Learning, Alberta


Equine Assisted Learning is an experiential learning system - meaning you learn by experiencing interactions with horses! As prey animals, horses are very aware of their surroundings. They react honestly and immediately to situations and stimuli. They are sensitive, intuitive and forgiving in relationships with both their peers (pasture mates) and humans. Horses thrive in a herd, much like how humans thrive in a family or community. They need a leader and feel safety in numbers. Also like humans, they have similar needs - to be respected, to feel safe and a have a sense of belonging. The EAL facilitation process

I've been doing lots of cleaning and repairs lately! Soon it will be time to pack away all those horse blankets for the season. Make sure they are clean and in good repair! Contact me if you would like to have your blanket cleaned and/or fixed. Text or call me at 780 267-6199 for more information, or to arrange drop-off and pick-up arrangements.

Indy I've loved this guy for 20 years. He's got good bones. He needs a wee coat of paint and a little shoring up in the weight department but other than that, he's perfect! Indy is a 26 year old Appaloosa/grade horse that has been in my life for what seems like forever. He has hauled my butt around for years and I love him for that. In return for his dedication, I'm spoiling him in his old age! Winter 2017/18 was really hard on him and he lost a ton of weight. After vet exams and a lot of experimentation, he started