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This Old Horse

This Old Horse


I’ve loved this guy for 20 years. He’s got good bones. He needs a wee coat of paint and a little shoring up in the weight department but other than that, he’s perfect! Indy is a 26 year old Appaloosa/grade horse that has been in my life for what seems like forever. He has hauled my butt around for years and I love him for that. In return for his dedication, I’m spoiling him in his old age!

Winter 2017/18 was really hard on him and he lost a ton of weight. After vet exams and a lot of experimentation, he started gaining weight on a daily regimen of soaked beet pulp and alfalfa/hay cubes. I added hemp oil, a salt supplement and a mineral supplement. Magic! Added bonus? Indy has been a cribber for as long as I’ve known him. I’m pretty sure that the minerals and the hemp oil have soothed his tummy (vet confirmed he had ulcers) and presto, NO MORE CRIBBING!

He loves his warm porridge every morning and every evening. I’m riding him again, after over a year off due to his weight, and he seems to love the trails around my house!

Contact me if you’d like the porridge recipe for your old guy/gal. I’d be glad to share! Happy trails 🙂